Settlement Dynamics on the Periphery of the Canabae of Carnuntum

Project leader: Ch. Gugl

Co-workers: Emira Hasanovic, Simon Heinrich, Michael Hirschler, Isabella Kitz, Petra Mayrhofer, Markus Weisenhorn (survey); Michaela Kronberger, Silvia Radbauer (finds)

In addition to the analysis of the data from the prospection of the canabae of Carnuntum, a field survey has been conducted since 2009 in order to clarify questions that have come up in the course of the interpretation of the aerial photographs. The field walks mainly concentrated on the southern and eastern fringe of the canabae legionis of Carnuntum, where through the help of the surface finds the extent of the settlement shall be documented resp. the transition from the densely built area to the grave yards shall be secured. Furthermore, singular find sites in the surrounding area of the canabae that can be seen in the aerial photographs will be walked-over in order to find clues for their chronological placement.

In 2009 about 12.000 finds, mostly ceramics, could be collected through line-walking on a total area of ca. 80 ha. They shall offer insights into the settlement dynamics and, with reservation, into the usage of this fringe zone. An area-wide coverage through the survey was considerably complicated through the allotment of the cultural landscape into small-sectioned stripes and the differing agricultural usage. Nevertheless, for the first time reliable information on the distribution of finds in this hitherto strongly neglected outer zone of Carnuntum is available which will allow an exemplary model of the settlement periphery.