Projektleitung: PD Mag. Dr. Thomas Kruse

Wissenschaftliche Beratung: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Kaja Harter-Uibopuu

MMag. Helmut Lotz
Mag. Karin Wiedergut

A lot had to be taken into consideration when you wanted to set up a grave-monument in hellenistic and imperial times: unhindered access for yourself, the members of your family and affiliated ones had to be assured, unauthorized people had to be excluded, and, most importantly, these regulations had to be preserved for eternity. Some thousand grave inscriptions from Asia Minor show the tradition of publishing all these regulations on stone. The ongoing project analyzes these inscriptions and establishes the juridical principles, shows the concrete consequences and provides the archeological context. The two main points of interest: are on the one hand the purchase of a grave, the (legal and magisterial) establishment and the various forms of allocation; on the other hand the prohibitions, sanctions and criminal prosecution of actions set against the will of the grave owner.