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A major Celtic and early Roman imperial-era oppidum, the hub of the Treveri, was situated on the plateau of Titelberg Mountain, located at the extreme south-western frontier of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The fortified settlement’s heyday occurred from the 1st century BCE to the early 1st century CE. The importance of the Titelberg settlement diminished after this time in combination with the establishment of the province of Gallia Belgica, and the capital of Augusta Treverorum/Trier from ca. 20 BCE onward. A vicus continued to exist on Titelberg Mountain until the end of the 3rd century CE (Metzler 2006).

The site has been partially accessed due to the numerous excavations that have taken place since the 1960s. Its significance is linked to a series of spectacular late Celtic burials found in the surrounding area: in particular the aristocratic burials of Goeblingen-Nospelt and Clemency, and the cemeteries at Lamadeleine and Goeblingen-Nospelt (Thill, Metzler, Metzler-Zens, Gaeng others).