Project Leader: Bernhard Woytek

Researcher: Kathrin Siegl

Amongst the finds of archaeological excavations coins are a numerous group that often helps dating their contexts. They also bear witness of monetary circulation in that region at their time and thus are the basis for any kind of economic history.

In order to create a central office for coin finds from all over Austria a project has been launched as a cooperation between the Austrian Academy of Sciences / Institute for the Study of Ancient Culture / division Documenta Antiqua and the Federal Monuments Authority Austria/dept. for Archaeology, as well as the Austrian Numismatic Research Association, the Institute for Numismatics and Monetary History of the University of Vienna and the Coin Cabinet of the Kunsthistorisches Museum. In a way, this continues the long-term enterprise ‘Fundmünzen der römischen Zeit in Österreich’ (FMRÖ), which has been inaugurated at the former Numismatische Kommission (now division Documenta Antiqua / Dept. for Numismatics) in 1971.

It is the goal to classify, document and scientifically study coin finds from Austria of all periods, ranging from antiquity up to the modern period. Not only finds from excavations shall be included, but also from regional Museums. In addition, stray finds can be dealt with, although this does not substitute official reporting to the Federal Monuments Authority Austria (cf.

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Scientific Advisory Board

Michael Alram (KHM Wien)
Martin Baer (Institut für Numismatik und Geldgeschichte, Uni Wien)
Hubert Emmerig (Institut für Numismatik und Geldgeschichte, Uni Wien)
Bernhard Prokisch (Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum)
Klaus Vondrovec (KHM Wien)
Bernhard Woytek (ÖAW)