Otto Benndorf 3D

Conservation and creation of a 3D model of the bust of Otto Benndorf in Athens


The bronze sculpture of Otto Benndorf, the founder of the Austrian Archaeological Institute, stands in front of the building of the branch office of the OeAI in Athens directly on the busy street Leoforos Alexandras. A high level of fine dust had settled as a thick dirty layer on the metal and made the sculpture appear very unkempt. Apart from this, however, the metal was very well preserved and thus costly conservation measures could be dispensed with. The conservation by Niki Dimitriou only involved cleaning the metal and closing some depressions in the stone base. The ingress of soil had created a breeding ground for plants that could have caused major damage to the stone with their roots. In order to keep renewed soiling to a minimum, annual cleaning of the bust is planned.

The bust was also scanned as part of the conservation. An optimised 3D model created by guest scientist Patricia Valle di Abad can be found at https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/otto-bendorf-6bf16adc06a448d98920df346d42e61e.