OeAI multimedia database provides free access to 10,000 images

New OeAI Digital Asset Management System - oeai.DAM now online


With the new OeAI Digital Asset Management System oeai.DAM, part of the OeAI Media Archive is now freely available to the public. Since 2002, the Institute's archive stock has been digitised in order to sustainably secure the existing materials. This database has now been revised and presents itself as a completely renewed multimedia database with around 340,000 data records, which include photographic excavation and find documentation as well as plans, graphics, 3D models and films. This content is indexed with the help of a constantly expanding, controlled vocabulary with links to standards databases.

Around 10,000 images are publicly accessible at the moment, consisting mainly of glass plates and B-W negatives of historical photographs; An expansion is ongoing. The publicly available images can only be downloaded with a watermark and are licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0. This licence allows sharing in any format or medium, redistribution for any purpose and commercial use on condition that attribution is given. Editing is not permitted. For use in publications, a request must therefore be made to the OeAI (oeaidam(at)oeaw.ac.at).


Access to oeai.DAM is via the link: https://oeaidam.oeaw.ac.at/search





For a search of the entire OeAI media archive, please contact oeaidam(at)oeaw.ac.at.