H. Gonzàlez Cesteros moves to the Universidad Complutense de Madrid

On 1.2.2022, H. González Cesteros will take up a position as Professor of Archaeology.

As of 1 February 2022, our colleague Dr. Horacio González Cesteros will be appointed Professor of Archaeology at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain). Horacio González Cesteros has been closely associated with the OeAI and Ephesos as an amphora specialist since 2010. From 2016, he held a Lise Meitner fellowship on the topic of »Byzantine amphorae in Ephesus«.  In addition, he is involved in projects in Spain, the Adriatic region, Italy and the United Arab Emirates. With his new position at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, he will take over the research area of economic archaeology. He will continue to be associated with the OeAI. Close cooperation is planned both in research projects and in the promotion of young researchers in the field of amphora research.

We congratulate our colleague, wish him all the best and look forward to working with him!