Summer School Limyra

»The role of architects in archaeological field studies: A practice-based training model«

From 3-10 September 2022, a summer school on »Arkeoljik Alanda Mimarın Rolü ‒ The role of architects in archaeological field studies: A practice-based training model« will take place at the OeAI excavation Limyra. In cooperation with the Limyra excavation and with the support of the Suna & İnan Kiraç Research Institute, 15 architecture students from the TU Istanbul will spend eight days learning about the diverse tasks that await architects on an archaeological excavation.

A team from the TU Istanbul led by Zeynep Kuban will introduce the students to the practical documentation of architectural finds and building complexes. First, the students will learn traditional documentation methods using hand measurements and drawings. Subsequently, the use of modern instruments, such as the total station or 3D laser scanner, will be explained. Parallel to the increase in requirements in the methodology of documentation, the tasks also become more complex in the course of this summer school. Initially, the focus will be on the processing of simpler findings, such as walls, but by the end of the week, the students should be able to record more complicated building complexes and document them in different ways.

Another focus of the training is to enable the future architects to design buildings for the infrastructure needed on an excavation site in cooperation with the archaeologists. This includes, for example, the planning of an excavation house, a depot for the professional storage of finds or protective devices for in situ findings. In this way, the students should become familiar with the fact that »architecture« on an excavation is not limited to the construction-historical documentation of buildings, but also includes practical work.

In addition to this training programme, theoretical courses are held in the evenings, for example on how to process the data obtained with various software. This programme is supplemented by lectures on various topics by the director and staff of the Limyra excavation.