Climate and Air Quality Commission

The Climate and Air Quality Commission (KKL) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) deals with the anthropogenic influences on the atmosphere and their effects on humans and ecosystems as well as the possibilities of reacting to these effects. This includes in particular the topics climate and climate change as well as atmospheric trace substances and their effects on air quality. The Commission was established for the period 2019–2023. Concepts and tasks of the commission are summarized in a concept paper "Mission Statement & Vision 2030".

The following basic structure was set up to efficiently address key tasks, i.e. research, knowledge transfer, public relations and strategic topics. It serves for implementation of the KKL mission (see "Mission Statement & Vision 2030"). Two overarching work areas have been set up, WA Climate (“Work Area Climate”) and WA Air Quality (“Work Area Air Quality”). These are each managed by a KKL co-chair and supported by further KKL members with strong expertise in the respective area (WA Climate: Andrea Steiner, Leopold Haimberger; WA Air Quality: Wilfried Winiwarter, Anne Kasper-Giebl). For the period from 2019 to 2023, the two work areas under the overall leadership of the chairing team are responsible for the cross-organizational management of the committee tasks.

Within the framework of the commission's activities on all topics and fields of action of the "Mission Statement & Vision 2030", content-related work is being promoted, especially on clearly defined common focus topics (Joint Foci – JFs), for which coordinators have been appointed (JF Coordinators). Scientific JFs and strategic JFs were defined for 2019–2023 as follows:

Scientific JFs

Strategic JFs 

The dedicated tasks, thematically in the JFs, but also generally in the broader field of work of the "Mission Statement & Vision 2030", takes place in specific, clearly defined and, where required, budgeted projects, which can be of different types (organization of events, scientific studies, products such as publications, services, e.g. expert opinion, development). These are led independently by the responsible project managers in cooperation with other project team members (from KKL and its partners).

The KKL is involved in Austrian research priorities at various institutions. "Structural embedding of the KKL".




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