Topic of the month

In the category "Topic of the month", scientists at the OeAW institute share their insights and research work with anyone who is interested. The topical content ranges from Habsburg music enthusiasts of the Early Modern Era to hexapods from the mail-order catalog and plasma processes in polar light.

How plants take shape

The topic of the month for December 2013 is devoted to the development of plants: Researchers at the GMI - Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology have, among other things, investigated the question when and how the shape of plants is determined (Articles in German).

How plants take shape

Precision in the plant embryo

The cambium: integrative and active

Adaptable: How plants take shape

The gap between east and west

The topic of the month for November 2013 deals with research conducted from Wachau to the Nile by the Institute for Oriental and European Archaeology - OREA (Articles in German).

With ladle, communication and counterpoint

 Correction of distorted historiography

Underground memory of a dead king

The Stone Age provides an outlook

Audiovisual heritage

The topic of the month for October 2013 is devoted to our audiovisual heritage, which is conserved at the Phonogrammarchiv (Audiovisual Research Archive) and made available for posterity (Articles in German).

The sound of world cultural heritage

From Emperor Franz Joseph to world cultural heritage (hist. collections)

Pioneering technological achievements: From the wax disc to the audio file

Language and music in everyday life

Plants and animals in antiquity

The topic of the month for September 2013 is devoted to plants and animals in antiquity. Claudia Lang-Auinger explains what we can learn from the depictions of plants and animals on antique vessels. Barbara Horejs follows the boney tracks of a leopard that was hunted and killed in the Neolithic Period. Reinhard Jung uses plant and animal remnants from the Bronze Age to reconstruct living conditions during the Bronze Age (Articles in German).

Ivy tendrils, donkeys and eloquent vases

Origins of valuable vases in the form of a book

Following the tracks of leopards

A taste of the past

Research finds an echo

The topic of the month for August 2013 is devoted to the Acoustics Research Institute. Scientists explain the importance of interdisciplinarity and provide fascinating insights into research areas dealing with various acoustic phenomena (Articles in German).

"Mathematics came to the institute with me"

Thinking outside of the box  

Audible directions            

At home in Vienna

Polar light, solar wind and magnet field turbulence

The topic of the month for June 2013 is devoted to the research at the Space Research Institute in Graz. Discover why and how scientists such as Rumi Nakamura, Evgeny Panov and Bruno Besser have reached for the stars and other celestial phenomena (Articles in German).

Space missions: Boundless pursuit of knowledge

Magnetotail: Short circuits and racing electrons

Polar light research: The past is illuminated

Interactions: Measuring a stormy long-distance relationship

Ten-year anniversary of the Institute of Iranian Studies

The topic of the month for May 2013 is devoted to the ten-year anniversary of the Institute of Iranian Studies. Head of the institute Florian Schwarz explains the role and unique goals of the institute. Scientists provide further insights into research activities that have a long-standing tradition in Austria (Articles in German).

"The preservation of cultural heritage plays a significant role"

Old connections - new research

Area of emphasis: Linguistics and cultural history

The path to modernity

Algorithms for practical application

The topic of the month for April 2013 is all about the Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics (RICAM), which is celebrating its ten-year anniversary. In only one decade, the institute has become a worldwide renowned address for top mathematical research (Articles in German).

In sum: the grand total

10 years RICAM: Profile of an institute                 

Johann Radon - Portrait of a famous Austrian mathematician

Sugar manager for the vest pocket

The Academy of Sciences 1938-1945

The topic of the month for March 2013 is devoted to working through the past of the OAW under the NS regime. OAW Vice President Arnold Suppan explains why the denazification of the Academy took longer. New insights from science help trace the events of history (Articles in German).

Arnold Suppan: The OAW is owning up to its past

The Academy in the scientific environment

 Research subjected to NS politics

The feigned look back


The topic of the month for February 2013 is devoted to "screening" in molecular-biological research. Stefan Kubicek of the CeMM explains how systematic tests can provide an overview of interesting active ingredients. Testing at the IMBA is conducted at an industrial scale with the fly genome (Articles in German).

Interview with Stefan Kubicek

Who with whom? Chemical screenings as a key to new medications

Hexapods from the mail-order catalog

Questions for a fly