Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. mont.

Paul Heinz Mayrhofer

Paul Heinz Mayrhofer

Member of the Young Academy since 2013

  • Institute of Materials Science and Technology, Vienna University of Technology




Research Areas:

  • Materials Engineering
  • Materials physics
  • Materials chemistry
  • Microanalysis
  • Coating technology





Selected Memberships:

  • Elsevier Journal: Surface and Coatings Technology
  • Rapid Communications of the Elsevier Journal Vacuum
  • Materials Research Society
  • American Vacuum Society
  • Austrian Vacuum Society

Selected Prizes:

  • Josef Krainer-Würdigungspreis
  • START-Preis des Wissenschaftsfonds FWF
  • Theodor-Körner-Preis
  • Erwin Schrödinger Stipendium

Selected Publications:

  • Mayrhofer, P. H.; Music, D.; Reeswinkel, Th.; Fuß, H.-G.; Schneider, J. M. (2008) Structure, elastic properties and phase stability of Cr1-xAlxN. Acta Materialia, Bd. 56, S. 2469-2475.
  • Mayrhofer, P. H.; Fischer, F. D.; Böhm, H. J.; Mitterer, C.; Schneider, J. M. (2007) Energetic balance and kinetics for the decomposition of supersaturated Ti1-xAlxN. Acta Materialia, Bd. 55 (10), S. 1441-1446.
  • Mayrhofer, P. H.; Mitterer, C.; Hultman, H.; Clemens, H. (2006) Microstructural design of hard coatings. Progress in Materials Science, Bd. 51, S. 1032-1114.
  • Mayrhofer, P. H.; Mitterer, C.; Wen, J. G.; Greene, J. E.; Petrov, I. (2005) Self-organized nanocolumnar structure of superhard TiB2 thin films. Applied Physics Letters, Bd. 86 (131909), S. 1-3.
  • Mayrhofer, P. H.; Hörling, A.; Karlsson, L.; Sjölén, J.; Larsson, T. et al. [..] (2003) Self-organized nanostructures in the Ti-Al-N system. Applied Physics Letters, Bd. 83 (10), S. 2049.