Assoz. Prof. Dr.

Sofia Kantorovich

Member of the Young Academy since 2015

Research Areas:

  • Physics, Astronomy
  • Statistical physics
  • Magnetism
  • Theoretical physics
  • Polymer physics
  • Condensed matter



Selected Publications:

  • Novak, E.; Pyanzina, E.; Kantorovich, S. (2015) Behaviour of magnetic Janus-like colloids. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Bd. 27/23 (234102).
  • Donaldson, J.; Kantorovich, S. (2015) Directional self-assembly of permanently magnetised nanocubes in quasi two dimensional layers. Nanoscale, Bd. 7, S. 3217-3228.
  • Kantorovich, S.; Ivanov, A.; Rovigatti, L.; Tavares, J. M.; Sciortino, F. (2013) Nonmonotonic Magnetic Susceptibility of Dipolar Hard-Spheres at Low Temperature and Density. Physical Review Letters, Bd. 110 (148306).
  • Kantorovich, S.; Weeber, R.; Cerda, J.; Holm, C. (2011) Ferrofluids with shifted dipoles: ground state structures. Soft Matter, Bd. 7, S. 5217-5227.
  • Ivanov, A.; Kantorovich, S. (2004) Chain aggregate structure and magnetic birefringence in polydisperse ferrofluids. Physical Review E, Bd. 70/2 (021401).