Prof. Dr. rer. nat.

Nicola Hüsing

Nicola Hüsing

Full Member of the Division of Mathematics and the Natural Sciences since 2015

  • Fachbereich Chemie und Physik der Materialien, Universität Salzburg

Research Areas:

  • Chemistry
  • Materials chemistry



Selected Memberships:

  • Gesellschaft Österreichischer Chemiker
  • Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker
  • American Chemical Society
  • International Sol-Gel Society

Selected Prizes:

  • Harry-Klöpfer Aerosil Award der Gesellschaft deutscher Chemiker
  • Donald-Ulrich Award of the International Sol-Gel Society

Selected Publications:

  • Kubiak, P.; Fröschl, T.; Hüsing, N.; Hörmann, U.; Kaiser, U. et al. [..] (2011) TiO2 anatase nanoparticle networks: synthesis – structure – electrochemical performance. Small, Bd. 2011 (7), S. 1690-1696.
  • Weinberger, M.; Puchegger, S.; Fröschl, T.; Babonneau, F.; Peterlik, H. et al. [..] (2010) Silicon oxycarbide monoliths with multiscale porosity and large surface areas. Chemistry of Materials, Bd. 22, S. 1509-1520.
  • Brandhuber, D.; Peterlik, H.; Hüsing, N. (2006) Facile Self-Assembly Processes to Phenylene-Bridged Silica Monoliths with Four Levels of Hierarchy. Small, Bd. 2006 (2), S. 503-506.
  • Hüsing, N.; Brandhuber, D.; Torma, V.; Raab, C.; Peterlik, H. (2005) Glycol-modified silanes in the synthesis of nanostructured monolithic silica. Chemistry of Materials, Bd. 17, S. 4262-4271.
  • Doshi, D.; Hüsing, N.; Fan, H.; Lu, Y.; Simmons-Potter, K. et al. [..] (2000) Optical Patterning of Photosensitive Thin Film Silica Mesophases. Science, Bd. 290, S. 107.