Univ.-Prof. PhD

Michael Eichmair

Member of the Young Academy since 2017




Research Areas:

  • Mathematics
  • Differential geometry
  • Geometry
  • Analysis
  • Globale Analysis und Differentialgeometrie





Selected Memberships:

European Academy of Sciences and Arts

Selected Prizes:

START-Preis des FWF 2016

Beste Lehrperson der ETH Zürich 2014

Selected Publications:

  • Carlotto, A.; Chodosh, O.; Eichmair, M. (2016) Effective versions of the positive mass theorem. Inventiones Mathematicae, Bd. 206 (3), S. 975-1016.
  • Brendle, S.; Eichmair, M. (2014) Large outlying stable constant mean curvature spheres in initial data sets. Inventiones Mathematicae, Bd. 197 (3), S. 663-682.
  • Eichmair, M.; Metzger, J. (2013) Unique isoperimetric foliations of asymptotically flat manifolds in all dimensions. Inventiones Mathematicae, Bd. 194 (3), S. 591-630.
  • Chodosh, O.; Eichmair, M. Global uniqueness of large stable CMC surfaces in asymptotically flat Riemannian 3-manifolds (submitted).
  • Chodosh, O.; Eichmair, M.; Shi, Y.; Yu, H. Isoperimetry, scalar curvature, and mass in asymptotically flat Riemannian 3-manifolds (submitted).