Dr. rer. nat.

Stefan Ludwig Ameres

Stefan Ludwig Ameres

Member of the Young Academy since 2015


Research Areas:

  • Biology
  • Molecular biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Genetics
  • Systems biology
  • Chemical biology



Selected Memberships:

  • RNA Society

Selected Prizes:

  • ERC Starting Grant
  • START-Preis des Wissenschaftsfonds FWF
  • Drosophila Award of the Genetics Society of America
  • DOC Award der Stadt Wien
  • OEGGGT Research Award For Young Scientists

Selected Publications:

  • Reimão-Pinto, M.; Ignatova, V.; Burkard, T. R.; Hung, J.-H.; Manzenreither, R. A. et al. [..] (2015) Uridylation of RNA-hairpins by Tailor confines the emergence of microRNAs in Drosophila. Molecular Cell, Bd. 59, S. 203-216.
  • Xie, J.; Ameres, S. L.; Friedline, R.; Hung, J.-H.; Xie, Q. et al. [..] (2012) AAV-vector-mediated in vivo miRNA antagonism for studying miRNA function. Nature Methods, Bd. 9 (4), S. 403-409.
  • Han, B. W.; Hung, J.-H.; Weng, Z.; Zamore, P. D.; Ameres, S. L. (2011) The 3´ to 5´ exoribonuclease Nibbler shapes the 3´ ends of microRNAs bound to Drosophila Argonaute 1. Current Biology, Bd. 21 (22), S. 1878-1887.
  • Ameres, S. L.; Horwich, M. D.; Hung, J.-H.; Xu, J.; Ghildiyal, M. et al. [..] (2010) Target RNA-directed trimming and tailing of small silencing RNAs. Science, Bd. 328 (5985), S. 1534-1539.
  • Ameres, Stefan; Martinez, Javier; Schroeder, Renée (2007) Molecular basis for target RNA recognition and cleavage by human RISC. Cell, Bd. 130 (1), S. 101-12.