Crossing borders – Perspectives in Migration Research

6th Biennial Conference on Migration and Integration Research in Austria

The Commission for Migration and Integration (KMI) and the Institute for Urban and Regional Research (ISR) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) as well as the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Vienna have been jointly hosting the Biennial Conference for Migration and Integration Research in Austria. For the first time, this conference will take place at the "Unipark" in Salzburg in 2020, in cooperation with the Paris Lodron University Salzburg, Austria.

The conference is aimed at researchers from all disciplines and fields of study who are working on migration and integration. Interdisciplinary and comparative contributions are of particular interest to the conference. In addition to empirical research results, the conference seeks to encourage theoretical or conceptual and methodological reflections and not least link them to practices and agents.

The organisers are now calling for proposed panels and papers for the 6th biennial conference. Proposals may be submitted in English or German and are to reach the organisers by 27/1/2020.

Conference date: 16-18 September 2020

Location: University of Salzburg

Call for Panels und Papers

Numerous scholarly disciplines encounter each other within the field of Migration Research. Moreover, the theme of migration can be approached from at least three different perspectives: those of the host communities, of the societies of origin, and of the migrants themselves. Migrant researchers are challenged to integrate these perspectives into a coherent view, for instance that of transnationalism.

The sixth biennial conference on Migration and Integration Research in Austria will elucidate the challenges both of methodological multi-disciplinarity and of content-related multiple perspectives on the theme of migration in main sessions and panel discussions. This will include a consideration of whether the classical view within migration and integration research of discerning between sedentary majority populations and migrants should be reconsidered in light of growing diversity, mobility, and global interdependence. Our leading questions thus do not only deal with migration as a crossing of territorial borders, but also with traversing boundaries within disciplines and with broadening of perspectives.

The organizers call for proposals for panels and papers. We are particularly interested in panels displaying a multi-disciplinary orientation and/or bringing together different perspectives on migration and/or rethinking communities from a migration perspective. However, there is no thematic restriction. The call is open to all panels and papers dealing with any further themes related to migration, mobility, and integration. Selected reviewed contributions will be published in an open access yearbook with the Austrian Academy of Sciences Press. Again, contributions focusing on the general theme of the conference will receive special consideration.


Prof. Dr. Rainer Bauböck, Commission for Migration and Integration Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Prof. Dr. Sylvia Hahn, University of Salzburg

Prof. Dr. Christoph Reinprecht, Department of Sociology, University of Vienna

Prof. Dr. Kyoko Shinozaki, University of Salzburg

Dr. Wiebke Sievers, Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences

Dr. Johanna Friedl, Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences