OA Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. univ. Hanns M. MOSHAMMER

Institute for Environmental Health
Medical University of Vienna
Kinderspitalgasse 15
1090 Vienna
Tel: +43 1-40160-34935, Fax: -934903
Mail: hanns.moshammer(at)meduniwien.ac.at

Birthday: June 8th, 1960

Curriculum vitae

2008 Associate professor (“Dozent”) for Environmental Health
2000 Certified expert (for court cases) in Environmental Health
1997 Medical Specialist in Hygiene and Microbiology
1997 Diplomas in Environmental and Occupational Health
1989 Public Health Degree (“Physikat”)
1988 General Practitioner
1984 Promoted MD at Karl-Franzens University Graz

RESEARCH FOCUS: Environmental Epidemiology, Air pollution

Participation in Projects

EU-Projects: PATY (Pollution and the Young), PINCHE (Policy Interpretation Network on Children's Health, Environment and Safety), CHEST (Children Health, Environment, and Safety Training), IMCA (Indicators for Monitoring COPD and Asthma), Series of Projects on passive smoking (ETS) in the context of ENSP (European Network for Smoking Prevention), SINPHONIE (School INdoor Pollution and Health effects; Observatory Network In Europe), APHEKOM (Air Pollution and Health Effects; Communication); Climate-TRAP (Climate Change: TRaining-Awareness-Preparedness)
Other international Projects: CEHAPE (Children Environment & Health Action Plan for Europe, WHO), THE PEP (Transport, Health, Environment - Pan European Program, WHO and UNECE)
Various national (Austrian) projects (Children’s health, Climate change, UV&cancer, Mobility and Health)

Participation in Expert Groups

Indoor Air Quality, Expert Group at the Ministry of Environment, Indoor Air Quality, Expert Group at DG SANCO, ON-FNA 236 Indoor Air (Austrian Standards Institute ÖNORM), Working Group "Electronic Implants" (ON FNUA EMV-EMF of ÖNORM).
Advisory Board on Environmental Affairs of the City of Vienna


Several scientific associations (ISEE, GHUP (scientific board member), ÖGHMP (board member, treasurer), ÖGAM (scientific board member); Past President of ISDE (International Society Doctors for the Environment); President of ÄGU (ISDE Austria), Austrian Academy of Sciences
Editorial Board member of several journals, editor of Biomonitoring


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