Ecological Impact of the Global N-Cycle and Perspectives for Sustainability

Invitation to the fifth International Conference on Nitrification and Related Processes (ICoN5)

Human modifications of the global nitrogen cycle, triggered by huge increase in food demand to satisfy an increasing human population are the cause of dramatic environmental challenges. Excess nitrogen -introduced by chemical or organic fertilizers - not only affects climate or air/water quality, but is one of the central global challenges affecting ecosystem integrity and biodiversity. Concepts are in the making to reverse or prevent further detrimental effects on nature. This afternoon workshop will explore the effects of the nitrogen cycle in the environment and will discuss such concepts to optimize nitrogen use in food and energy production.

This event will be jointly organized by the Climate and Clean Air Commission and the Commission for Interdisciplinary Ecological Studies of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and is a public outreach event of the International Conference on Nitrification (ICoN).