Thu, 26.01.2023 14:00

Seminar: Diversity in Teams (English)

Mag. Marie Peterseil (Clinical and Health Psychologist, Yoga teacher) will introduce us to the basis of teamwork.

Our life is a network of social relationships and communication. We often function purely automatically in our relationships. Without realising it, we are driven by likes and dislikes, assumptions and value judgements.  Developing interpersonal mindfulness enables us to become more present and caring for ourselves and others.  It’s about accepting that we all have certain prejudices and judgements and becoming aware of them.  Taking it a step further, we learn to accept differences and take advantage of them when working together.  This creates a relationship characterised by respect and partnership, where we allow, address and fix mistakes together.  We should be aware that the aim of interaction is not to hurt one another, but help one another.


  • Theoretical and practical knowledge on the topic of “Mindfulness and Diversity”
  • Openness in contact with difference
  • Improving cooperation and collaboration in everyday work
  • Awareness and acceptance of our internal prejudices and judgements


  • Addressing and jointly solving “mistakes” / constructive handling of criticism
  • Listening with full attention
  • Asking questions, addressing differences and recognising similarities
  • Possibilities in dealing with differences – tips and tricks

Discussion and answering open questions



IWF Seminar series

Marie Peterseil

26.01.2023, 14.00 Uhr

U.a.4  in-person