All our open source packages are written in python and tested in MacOSX and Linux environments. For installation instructions of an environment to run these codes please follow the instructions given in the readme files in the code repositories. Also check the readme files for the rules of usage.


Trajectories of BepiColombo, Solar Orbiter, and Parker Solar Probe

We have made animations of the positions of the missions and the planets in the inner heliosphere, from 2018-2025, in two coordinate systems: one with Earth fixed (HEEQ) and the other in an inertial system where the Earth moves (HCI). Both movies can be seen on youtube (movi 1, movi 2)
The code for creating this animation is available on github.


Aurora modeling with OVATION PRIME

The OVATION PRIME model is the state-of-the-art for showing the auroral oval and depends on the solar wind input (Newell coupling parameter) and the current day of the year. This is our own, open source version on github.


Solar wind forecast

The package is used for predicting the background solar wind, high speed solar wind streams and solar storm magnetic flux ropes based on data from solar wind monitors at the Sun-Earth L1 and L5 points, as well as from any spacecraft positioned east of the Sun-Earth line around or <1 AU. We also derive predictions of the geomagnetic Dst index, Kp and auroral power - github.


CME modeling

For modeling the evolution of coronal mass ejections through the inner heliosphere, we run an ensemble model based on heliospheric imager observations aboard STEREO or any other spacecraft providing such data. An open source version of the IDL and Python based Code is available on github.


Data download and handling

A user-friendly python package for handling and processing heliospheric spacecraft data.


Making and analyzing catalogs of interplanetary coronal mass ejections

This package contains codes used for the creation of catalogs of interplanetary coronal mass ejections with Venus Express, MESSENGER, Wind, STEREO, Ulysses, and Parker Solar Probe, and their analysis.


Published HELCATS catalogs

We have made two catalogs in the EU HELCATS project (  

1. In situ observations of CMEs in the ICMECATv1.0:
Please cite Möstl et al. (2017, Space Weather, open access, doi:10.1002/2017SW001614) if you use this catalog for generating results for peer-reviewed scientific publications. 

2. Connections of in situ observed CMEs with heliospheric imager observations in the LINKCAT:  
Please cite Palmerio et al. (2018, Space Weather, open access, doi:10.1002/2017SW001767) if you use this catalog for generating results for peer-reviewed scientific publications.