Sat, 18.12. – 11.09.2022

Mission Possible!

An exhibition to mark the 50th birthday of the Space Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences

From Graz into space? Yes, of course! The Graz Space Research Institute (IWF - Institut für Weltraumforschung) of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW - Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften) particpates in more than 20 international space missions. It develops and builds space-qualified instruments to measure, analyse and interpret what is happening high above our heads. The missions range from satellite fleets in near-Earth space to the observation of the Sun and the exploration of planets both inside and outside our solar system.

Visitors can find out how a mission works by taking part in one themselves in the Center of Science Activities (CoSA). With a little luck, they will solve one of the many puzzles in space and gain an exclusive view of the universe.


Photo gallery


Christiane Helling zur Ausstellung

Werner Magnes zur Ausstellung


Interviews with the "Radio Steiermark Kinderreporter", who visited MISSION POSSIBLE!

Interview 1

Interview 2

Interview 3



18 December 2021 - 11 September 2022

CoSA - Center of Science Activities
8010 Graz
T +43 316 8017-9100


Mission Possible