Magnetosphere Online Seminar Series

The Magnetosphere Online Seminar Series is a weekly seminar held every Monday at 6 pm CEST.

The Seminar Series is jointly hosted by Kyle Murphy (University of Maryland, College Park), David Sibeck (NASA GSFC), Marcos Silveira (Catholic University of America, CUA), Sun-Hee Lee (CUA), Homoyan Aryan (University of California, Los Angeles), Remya Bhanu (Indian Institute of Geomagnetism), and Nithin Sivadas (Boston University).

International speakers, including two scientists from IWF, give an insight into the magnetosphere's mysteries. On 15 May, Ferdinand Plaschke presents "The Magnetosheath" and on 22 June, Takuma Nakamura talks about "The Low Latitude Boundary Layer".

Further information can be found here.