NanoTrust Dossiers – Results of the project "NanoTrust"

The team of the project NanoTrust offers on an irregular basis “Dossiers”, approximately three to six page summaries of the state of knowledge on current issues in the existing nano debate in an accessible language, but on a firm scientific base. 

The NanoTrust Dossiers are published in german and english language and can be visited at EPUB.OEAW.

ISSN 1998-7293

List of german NanoTrust dossiers 

  • Haslinger, J., Hocke, P., & Hauser, C. (2012). Nanotechnology in the media – On the reporting in representative daily newspapers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland (NanoTrust Dossier No. 037en – October 2012) (p. 5). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ita-nt-037en
  • Eisenberger, I., & Nentwich, M. (2012). The EU code of concuct for nanosciences and nanotechnologies research (NanoTrust Dossier No. 036en – December 2012) (p. 4). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ita-nt-036en
  • Simkó, M., & Fries, R. (2012). (Nano)-Titanium dioxide (Part III): Environmental effects (NanoTrust Dossier No. 035en – December 2012) (p. 3). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ita-nt-035en
  • Simkó, M., & Fries, R. (2012). (Nano)-Titanium dioxide (Part II): health hazard potential (NanoTrust Dossier No. 034en – December 2012) (p. 6). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ita-nt-034en
  • Fries, R., & Simkó, M. (2012). (Nano-)Titanium dioxide (Part I): Basics, Production, Applications (NanoTrust Dossier No. 033en – November 2012) (p. 4). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ita-nt-033en
  • Greßler, S., & Gazsó, A. (2012). Nano in the Construction Industry (NanoTrust Dossier No. 032en – August 2012) (p. 6). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ita-nt-032en
  • Eisenberger, I., Greßler, S., & Nentwich, M. (2012). On voluntary and obligatory nano-labeling (NanoTrust Dossier No. 031en – July 2012) (p. 6). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ita-nt-031en
  • Fries, R., & Gazsó, A. (2012). Research projects on EHS aspects of nanotechnology in the 7th Framework Program of the EU (NanoTrust Dossier No. 030en – May 2012) (p. 6). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ita-nt-030en
  • Gazsó, A., Fries, R., & Piringer, R. (2012). Nanomaterials and occupational safety – An overview (NanoTrust Dossier No. 029en – April 2012) (p. 6). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ita-nt-029en
  • Simkó, M. (2012). Why is the (nano-)dose question so important? (NanoTrust Dossier No. 028en – April 2012) (p. 3). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ita-nt-028en
  • Greßler, S., & Nentwich, M. (2012). Nano and Environment – Part II: Hazard potentials and risks (NanoTrust Dossier No. 027en – March 2012) (p. 5). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ita-nt-027en
  • Greßler, S., & Nentwich, M. (2012). Nano and the environment – Part I: Potential environmental benefits and sustainability effects (NanoTrust Dossier No. 026en – March 2012) (p. 4). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ita-nt-026en
  • Fiedeler, U., & Fries, R. (2012). Measurement and characterisation of airborne nanoparticles (NanoTrust Dossier No. 025en – March 2012) (p. 6). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ita-nt-025en
  • Fries, R., Greßler, S., & Simkó, M. (2012). Carbon Nanotubes – Part II: Risks and Regulations (NanoTrust Dossier No. 024en – February 2012) (p. 6). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ITA-nt-024en
  • Greßler, S., Fries, R., & Simkó, M. (2012). Carbon Nanotubes – Part I: Introduction, Production, Areas of Application (NanoTrust Dossier No. 022en – February 2012) (p. 6). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ITA-nt-022en
  • Simkó, M. (2011). Are there any neurological effects and risks from nanoparticles to expect? (NanoTrust Dossier No. 021en – February 2011) (p. 6). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ITA-nt-021en
  • Eisenberger, I., Nentwich, M., Fiedeler, U., Gazsó, A., & Simkó, M. (2011). Nano Regulation in Austria (II): Workplace Safety, Industrial Law and Environmental Law (NanoTrust Dossier No. 019en – January 2011) (p. 5). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ITA-nt-019en
  • Eisenberger, I., Nentwich, M., Fiedeler, U., Gazsó, A., & Simkó, M. (2011). Nano Regulation in Austria (I): Chemical and Product Safety (NanoTrust Dossier No. 018en – January 2011) (p. 6). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ITA-nt-018en
  • Simkó, M., Gazsó, A., Fiedeler, U., & Nentwich, M. (2011). Nanoparticles, free radicals and oxidative stress (NanoTrust Dossier No. 012en – January 2011) (p. 3). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ITA-nt-012en
  • Simkó, M., Fiedeler, U., Gazsó, A., & Nentwich, M. (2011). The impact of nanoparticles on cellular functions (NanoTrust Dossier No. 007en – January 2011) (p. 4). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ITA-nt-007en