NanoTrust Dossiers – Results of the project "NanoTrust"

The team of the project NanoTrust offers on an irregular basis “Dossiers”, approximately three to six page summaries of the state of knowledge on current issues in the existing nano debate in an accessible language, but on a firm scientific base. 

The NanoTrust Dossiers are published in german and english language and can be visited at EPUB.OEAW.

ISSN 1998-7293

Da wir die NanoTrust-Dossiers je nach Art und Arbeitssprache des jeweiligen Projektes publizieren, kann die folgende Liste zu jener in deutscher Sprache leicht variieren. 

  • Fiedeler, U., Nentwich, M., Simkó, M., & Gazsó, A. (2010). What is Accompanying Research on Nanotechnology? (NanoTrust Dossier No. 011en) (p. 5). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ITA-nt-011en
  • Eisenberger, I., Nentwich, M., Fiedeler, U., Gazsó, A., & Simkó, M. (2010). Nano Regulation in the European Union (NanoTrust Dossier No. 017en) (p. 6). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ITA-nt-017en
  • Fries, R., Gressler, S., Simkó, M., Gazsó, A., Fiedeler, U., & Nentwich, M. (2010). Nanosilver (NanoTrust Dossier No. 010en) (p. 6). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ITA-nt-010en
  • Simkó, M., Nentwich, M., Gazsó, A., & Fiedeler, U. (2010). How Nanoparticles Enter the Human Body and Their Effects There (NanoTrust Dossier No. 003en) (p. 4). Wien. doi:/10.1553/ITA-nt-003en