Electronic information services in the public administration

The project represents a pioneering study of 'electronic government' in Austria, and the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) as an interface between the public administration and citizens as well as businesses.

The study yielded an overview on 'e-government' in an international context; a first assessment of the state of affairs of electronic information offered at federal level in Austria; and an analysis of the conditions and constraints for successful implementation of e-government, including selected pilot projects.

The results found Austria by and large on a par with international developments, and with individual applications such as the electronic land register, electronic communication between courts and lawyers, and the so-called 'public service assistant' it is even in the forefront. In general, information services (guides to authorities, important everyday information, legal information etc.) dominated the offers, whilst communication and transaction services (e.g. electronic applications, tax returns) represented a strong growth area.



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  • 22/02/2000
    Georg Aichholzer: 
    Ergebnisse der E-Government-Studie der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften
    3. Salzburger Rechtsinformatik-Gespräche, Universität Salzburg
    Other Lecture
  • 02/12/1999
    Michael Nentwich: 
    Developments towards e-government and e-democracy in Austria;presentation at the EPTA (European Parliamentary Technology Assessment) Annual conference in Rome
    2-3 December.
    Other Lecture
  • 05/10/1999
    Georg Aichholzer,  Rupert Schmutzer: 
    Elektronische Informationsdienste des öffentlichen Sektors: Entwicklungstrends und Gestaltungsstrategien in Österreich
    ODOK'99 "Informationssysteme und Informationsberufe im Umbruch", Bregenz, 5.-8. Oktober
    Other Lecture
  • 06/01/1999
    Rupert Schmutzer: 
    Government Information Services in Austria – Current Developments
    2nd International Congress on Electronic Media & Citizenship in Information Society "Politics & Internet", Helsinki, Finnland, 6-9 January
    Other Lecture
  • 01/11/1998
    Rupert Schmutzer: 
    Problemfelder und internationale Entwicklungen im Bereich des electronic government, ADV-Tagung "Electronic Government als Perspektive – Die Integration von Internet, Intranet und Workflow" in Wien, 1. – 12.11.
    Other Lecture
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01/1999 - 12/1999


  • Georg Aichholzer