Systematisation of the cleaner production concept as illustrated by leather production

The systematisation of the cleaner production concept contributes to the methodology of preventive environmental protection in industry and commerce.

It is based on an in-depth analysis of selected environmental protection activities in Austria (see "Accompanying research") and helps in this way to differentiate more clearly the various approaches to preventive environmental protection which are designed to avoid emissions and waste at source, from so-called "end-of-pipe" technologies. This is important not only in terms of public subsidies for preventive environmental protection but also, in view of the business advantages that can frequently he gained from preventive measures, for companies themselves. A particular feature of the developed system is that preventive measures can be inferred systematically from a general analysis of the material throughput in a production area. In the past the development of preventive measures was difficult to follow, not least as a result of their extreme complexity as integral components of the different core areas of production. This systematisation facilitates the process and enables both the basic philosophy behind preventive environmental protection and specific measures to be communicated more easily – essential prerequisites for successful dissemination of such measures in industry and commerce.



01/1994 - 12/1995