Accompanying research on sector-oriented environmental protection activities in Austria

Industrial environmental protection actions in the 1990s are characterised by the changing trend towards preventive and integrated protection measures rather than the exclusive use of "end-of-pipe"-solutions.

In Austria this process is driven by numerous environmental protection activities supported both by the public sector and the economy. To demonstrate how preventive environmental protection can be realised in Austria a number of case studies were carried out within the internationally coordinated "Prepare"-project. The main possibilities in waste avoidance, recycling and hazardous waste removal were studied within so-called "sectoral-concepts". Experience gained by WIFI in the ecological consultancy it has promoted was collated on a similar sector-specific basis in so-called "environmental manuals" as a tool for industrial consultants.

Accompanying research in these sector-oriented environmental protection activities in Austria concentrated on the analysis of these different activities. It provided a detailed description of the situation, objectives, procedure, current status of activities and outlook and highlighted synergetic effects and other ways in which activities could be fostered.


12/1991 - 12/1995