Multilingual database as knowledge base for copyright law

Copyright law is complex and differs from country to country. A new, multilingual database offers answers on a variety of issues.

When it comes to copyright and intellectual property, the legal position is not at all clear. To the contrary, as various national and international legal orders come into play at the same time, it is highly complex. Adding to this is the fact that not only statutes, but also contracts and jurisdiction have to be considered.

Especially in the area of internet law, legal regulations are incomplete and highly dynamic. One reason for this is the steady stream of new contexts of use that have never been dealt with before.

Questions deal with Austrian, EU and international regulations

KB-Law (Knowledge Base Copyright Law), a multilingual knowledge base on copyright issues that has been developed in the course of our previous project Creative Access, has been further developed in this project. The scope of knowledge considers not only the Austrian, European and international legislation, but also the laws of a series of other nation states. The user interface is designed so that both legal experts and the public can access it fairly easily.

The project was directed by the Department of Information Law of the Institute of Private Law of the Vienna University of Economics. A handful of legal scholars were solely employed to answer questions regarding copyright law and thus create new content for the database. ITA, as the original initiator of the knowledge base, helped with structuring the questions and evaluating the answers, and advised on international networking opportunities.



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  • 06/12/2007 , Wien
    Michael Nentwich: 
    Buchpräsentation Margit Ulama "Die Architektur der Fläche"
    Urheberrecht und Forschung
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