World Wide Views on Global Warming

A global participatory event held in the course of one day among thousands of people delivered new views on climate change policy

On a single day, more than 4000 people from 38 countries all over the world discussed the issue of climate change. The project titled World Wide Views on Global Warming offered global citizens the chance to come up with recommendations for the Copenhagen Climate Council. The results of the discussions were collected in a database and are indicators for the different levels of knowledge on the subject.

When discussing future goals and political decisions regarding climate change, the affected civil society should have a say. The project, coordinated by Denmark, took place on September 26th 2009 at exactly the same time in every country. Hence, participants in the US were able to access the recommendations of Australian citizens via a special data base.

Each of the 100 participants was carefully selected and needed to have an interest in the issue as well as no affiliations to politics or the technological sector. First, they were given a standardized info package and were then shown videos that led to various discussions. At the end of each discussion the different groups formulated a recommendation.

ITA contributed to the development and coordinated WWViews in Austria. The recommendations were then delivered to the Austrian delegate of the Ministry for Agriculture. The collected catalogue of recommendations was presented in Copenhagen separately.