Development of a methodological framework for assessing sustainable innovation

In October 2014, the ITA launched an independent evaluation of the EU project CASI. It focuses on dealing with the major challenges (Grand Challenges) of our time such as climate change or resource efficiency.

In the CASI project, a framework for the evaluation of innovation for sustainable development is developed through broad public participation. At the same time this framework should be applied for multidisciplinary management solutions. Industry players, research institutions and universities, civil society organizations, policy makers and the public will be involved in this process. The underlying goal is to find ways to foster sustainable development for the European Union.

CASI brings together 19 partners from twelve EU member states and covers a network of correspondents from all other EU countries.

The four evaluation reports delivered by the ITA will represent a timely reflection on progress, methods, results and performance of the CASI project for the project consortium and the European Commission.


10/2014 - 06/2017

Project team