Revised leaflet "Nanomaterialien" of the AUVA

Updated bulletin "plus" with focus on the protection and health of employees

After more than 10 years, the Code of Practice M310 "Nanotechnology" of the General Accident Insurance Institution "Allgemeinen Unfallversicherungsanstalt (AUVA)" has undergone a thorough revision and been brought up to date. New and updated in the leaflet: current requirements for safety data sheets of nanomaterials, potential health effects when coming into contact with nanomaterials, measurement methods for estimating exposure in the workplace, guidance on risk assessment and recommendations for the protection of workers.

"The drafting of the new version took six months of intensive transdisciplinary teamwork with the participation of ITA's NanoTrust project. Experts from BOKU, ÖSBS and the Central Labor Inspectorate were also involved. The result was an extended instruction manual, a so-called 'Merkblatt plus', for managers on the safe and responsible handling of nanomaterials. The guidance also includes a procedure for risk assessment of these materials. A version for direct application at special workplaces is to follow," says ITA researcher André Gazso about the extensive update of the leaflet.

The two ITA researchers Anna Pavlicek and Gloria Rose are also among the authors.

Download the fact sheet (German language only)