Electronic Democracy – more technology, more participation?

A new book takes a closer look at opportunities and challenges ahead.

Digital tools such as electronic voting give citizens more access to participate in political and decision-making processes. The use of modern information and communication technologies (ICTs) can facilitate participation and strengthen democracy. But where are the deficits, and what do policy-makers need to utilize the results?

TA expert and former ITA researcher Georg Aichholzer has analysed the transformation of democratic processes for many years. In a new book Aichholzer and his co-authors explain best practice examples and scenarios for successful implementation, but also take a critical look at current EU decision-making procedures and institutions that still need improvement.

This Open Access book uses various e-Participation projects to show how digital tools and social media technologies can increase the participation and involvement of EU citizens in European politics. It brings together experience from all over Europe and makes recommendations on how e-participation can be used to remedy existing "democracy deficits" at the EU level. (DR)

Studies in Digital Politics and Governance: European E-Democracy in Practice
Editors: Hennen, L., Van Keulen, I., Korthagen, I., Aichholzer, G., Lindner, R., Nielsen, R.Ø. (Eds.)
Springer Open 2020