Energy turnaround

Does Austria have sufficient storage facilities? ITA expert Michael Ornetzeder presents the results of a study conducted for the Austrian Parliament.

Austria has set itself the goal of achieving almost complete independence from carbon by 2050. Storage facilities for electrical energy are regarded as a key technology in order to achieve this goal. The ITA has conducted a study on this issue on behalf of the Austrian Parliament in cooperation with the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT).

In the ITA dossier "Implications of electricity storage?", energy expert Michael Ornetzeder (ITA-ÖAW) provides an overview of storage options and presents options to assess possible challenges - such as the disposal of batteries - and avoid negative effects.

"In the foreseeable future, the greatest storage requirement will certainly be in the area of long-term storage. In Austria we already have capacities with the existing pumped storage power plants. With newer methods such as photovoltaic batteries or power-to-gas, we must also take ecological and environmental aspects into account", says Ornetzeder. (DR)

The ITA dossier "Implications of electricity storage?" can be downloaded here (2 pages).