Walter Rohn

Senior Scientist

T +43 1 51581 - 3523


Studies of political and communication sciences at the University of Vienna (PhD in 1987),

Social Scientist at the Institute of Urban and Regional Studies at the Austrian Academy of Sciences in Vienna (since 1988),

Lecturer at the Institute of Political Science at the University of Vienna (2002-2017),

Member of the Works Council of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (since 2003),

Current Research Fields: Arts, Migration and Urban Development; Cultural Urban Development; Art-Avant-garde in Vienna after WWII.

Research Areas

  • Arts, Migration and Urban Development
  • Cultural Urban Development
  • Art-Avant-garde in Vienna after WWII

Research Projects

Responsibilities at the ISR

  • Chairman of the Assembly of Employees
  • Manager of the Institute’s Library

Recent Publications

ROHN, W. (2021): The Intercultural and Community Culture Scenes of London and Vienna. International Scientific Conference Geobalcanica 2021: 263–272. http://geobalcanica.org/wp-content/uploads/GBP/2021/GBP.2021.25.pdf

ROHN, W. (2020): Vienna, an Intercultural and Community Culture City? In: Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference Geobalcanica 2020: 327–335. http://geobalcanica.org/wp-content/uploads/GBP/2020/GBP.2020.37.pdf

ROHN, W. (2020): The Cultural Policies of Berlin, Paris, Vienna, and Zagreb with Regard to their Urban Peripheries. In: Wimmer, Michael (Hg.). Kann Kultur Politik? Kann Politik Kultur? Warum wir wieder mehr über Kulturpolitik sprechen sollten. De Gruyter. Edition Angewandte. Berlin-Boston: 138–155. https://www.degruyter.com/view/title/570473?lang=en