Mag. Dr.

Ursula Reeger

Senior researcher

T +43 1 51581 - 3525


Mag. Dr. Ursula Reeger has been a researcher at the ISR since 1989. She studied geography (spatial research and regional planning) at the University of Vienna and received her PhD in geography in 1999. Her research interests include international migration (European East-West migration, intra-EU mobility, immigration from outside the EU), integration (e. g. on the labour and the housing market), interethnic relations on the local level, attitudes towards migration and their formation, migrant entrepreneurship, urban development and governance of migrant integration. She has published on these subjects in a wide range of academic journals and books. Due to her participation in several large-scale international research project she is well embedded into the European scientific community. 

Research Areas

  • Migration and urban development
  • Governance of migrant integration
  • Migrant entrepreneurship
  • Attitudes towards migration and integration

Memberships and additional functions


Recent Publications

NAGEL, A.-K. and REEGER, U (2021): Stuck in Reception: How Refugees in Austria and Germany Experience Long-Term Reception Constellations. Journal for Immigrant and Refugee Studies 19/3: 245-257.

LEHNER, M., MATTES, A., VAN BREUGEL, I., REEGER, U and SCHOLTEN, P. (2021): Where I Belong: Identification Processes of Young Volunteers in Super-Diverse Cities. Voluntas33, 766–776.

JOSIPOVIC; I. and REEGER, U. (2021): Refugee Integration in Austria: Understanding the Implications of the Integration Policy Environment for Individual Motivations and Resources. In: S. Barthoma and Ö. A. Cetrez (eds.). RESPONDing to Migration. A Holistic Perspective on Migration Governance. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis – Studies in Global Migration: Societal Challenges 1: 299-315.

HASELBACHER, M., MATTES, A. and REEGER, U (2021): Stakeholders of (De-) Radicalisation in Austria. Country Report 3.1 for the D.Rad Project. Online:

REEGER, U. and KOHLBACHER, J. (2020): Globalization, Immigration and Ethnic Diversity: The Exceptional Case of Vienna. In: S. Musterd (ed.). Handbook on Urban Segregation. Cheltenham and Northampton, Edward Elgar Publishers: 101-117.

JOSIPOVIC, I., REEGER, U. and ROTTMANN S. B. (2020): Beyond Legal Status: Exploring Dimensions of Belonging among Forced Migrants in Istanbul and Vienna. Social Inclusion 8/1: 241-251.



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