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Peter Jordan

Retired staff member

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Born 1949 in Hermagor/Carinthia [Kärnten], Austria; studied geography and ethnology at the Vienna University, PhD 1979; 1998 habilitation at the Klagenfurt University; 1977-1988 map editor at the Atlas of the Danubian Countries; 1989-2014 editor-in-chief, Atlas of Eastern and Southeastern Europe with 30 instalments published; 1994-1998 project manager, Resources and Environment - World Atlas; 1997-2001 deputy director, 2002-2005 director, Austrian Institute of East and Southeast European Studies; from 2007 at the Institute of Urban and Regional Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences. Research fields: Cultural and Political geography of eastern Europe, geography of tourism, toponomastics, geolinguistics, geography of transportation, atlas cartography, theoretical cartography. Teaches at the universities of Vienna, Klagenfurt and Cluj-Napoca (Romania); more than 410 scientific publications and 379 paper presentations.

Areas of Research

  • Cultural and Political geography of eastern Europe
  • Toponomastics
  • Geolinguistics
  • Geography of tourism
  • Geography of transportation
  • Atlas cartography
  • Theoretical cartography

Research projects


Editorial board member with the periodicals


  • 1978
    Dr. Adolf Schärf Award
  • 1995
    Honorary Member, Croatian Geographical Society
  • 2006
    Honorary Member, Hungarian Geographical Society
  • 2007
    Honorary Professor, Babes Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • 2014
    Honorary Member, Czech Geographical Society
    Honorary Member, Moldavian Society for Geography and Ethnology
    Great Distinction for Merits for the Republic of Austria
  • 2015
    Honorary Member, Austrian Geographical Society
    Honorary Member, Romanian Geographical Society
  • 2017
    Honorary Member, Association of Slovenian Geographers
    Research Fellow, University of the Free State, Südafrika
    United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names, Certificate of Commendation
  • 2018
    Honorary Member, Polish Geographical Society
  • 2019
    Einspieler Award for special merits for the Slovenian ethnic group in Austria
  • 2020
    Great Badge of Honor of the State of Carinthia

Recent Publications

JORDAN, Peter; MÁCHA, Přemysl; BALODE, Marika; KRTIČKA, Luděk; OBRUSNÍK, Uršula; PILCH, Pavel; SANCHO REINOSO, Alexis (2021), Place-Name Politics in Multilingual Areas. A Comparative Study of Southern Carinthia (Austria) and the Těšín/Cieszyn Region (Czechia). Cham, Palgrave Macmillan, XIX+616 Seiten.

DOLLIMORE, Allison; JORDAN, Peter (Hg.) (2021), Place Names and Migration. Proceedings of the Symposium in Vienna, 6-8 November 2019 (= Name & Place, 9). Hamburg, Verlag Dr. Kovač. 283 Seiten.

JORDAN, Peter (2021), Austria. In: MARTÍ-HENNEBERG, Jordi (Hg.): European Regions 1870-2020. A Geographical and Historical Insight into the Process of European Integration, S. 189-218. Cham, Springer.

JORDAN, Peter (2021), Yugoslavia and Successor States. In: MARTÍ-HENNEBERG, Jordi (Hg.): European Regions 1870-2020. A Geographical and Historical Insight into the Process of European Integration, S. 311-344. Cham, Springer.

JORDAN, Peter (2021), The crucial and contested concept of the endonym/exonym divide. In: Onomastica, LXV, 2021, S. 23-37.