Josef Kohlbacher

Research Group Leader "Urban Transformation"

T + 43 1 515 81 - 3527


Josef Kohlbacher, MA, PhD, Master & Doctor of Social Sciences was born 1958 in Lilienfeld (Austria). He studied sociology, social and cultural anthropology, German philology, history and Egyptology at the University of Vienna; from 1977 to 1987 a number of field research stays in Egypt, India and Nepal, from 1984 to 1987 he was a research fellow at the Museum of Anthropology in Vienna. Since 1988 he was senior researcher at the Institute of Urban and Regional Research of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, where he has been deputy director of the Institute since 2006.

His main research interests are the housing market integration of immigrants, municipal integration policies, interethnic relations in the local urban context, neighbourhood social interactions, residential segregation and its social implications and refugee studies with a focus on integration processes and value orientations.

Research Areas

  • Migration and integration

  • Refugee studies

  • Municipal integration policies

  • Interethnic relations in the local urban context

  • Neighbourhood social interactions,

  • Residential segregation

Memberships and additional functions

  • IMISCOE (International Migration Integration and Social Cohesion)

Recent Publications

  • Hatz, G., Kohlbacher, J. and Reeger, U.(2015): Socio-economic segregation in Vienna: a social-oriented approach to urban planning and housing. In: Tammaru, T. ; M. (ed.)(2015): Socio-Economic Segregation in European Capital Cities. New York: 80-109.
  • Kohlbacher, J., Reeger, U. and Schnell, P.(2015): Place Attachment and Social Ties – Migrants and Natives in Three Urban Settings in Vienna.. In: Population, Space and Place21: 446-462.
  • Fassmann, H. ; K.(2014): The Re-Emergence of European East-West Migration – the Austrian Example. In: CEEMR - Central and Eastern European Migration Review3: 39-59.
  • Fassmann, H. and Kohlbacher, J.(2014): Integrationspolitische Maßnahmen europäischer Städte. Eine Übersicht.. Hannover.
  • Kohlbacher, J., Schnell, P., Reeger, U. and Franz, Y.(2014): Super-diversity and diversity related policies in Vienna.. Wien.