Dr. Dávid Sümeghy

Postdoc researcher

T +43 1 51581 - 3534


Short Biography

Dávid Sümeghy is a postdoctoral researcher at the Austrian Academy of Sciences since 2023. He obtained his PhD degree in 2022 at the Doctoral School of Earth Sciences of the University of Pécs. His dissertation is entitled "The nexus of cultural diversity, social cohesion and the radical right in Sweden". After obtaining his PhD, he worked for a year as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences of the University of Pécs, before being appointed as a research assistant at the Lund University. He also worked as an entrepreneur in the field of data analysis. Currently he is working in the FWF-NKFIH joint project entitled MIGWELL “Well-being and Migration: The Hungary-Austria Migration Nexus”.

Research areas

  • Social cohesion and ethnic diversity
  • Electoral geography
  • Policing
  • Quantitative and spatial methods


MIGWELL “Well-being and Migration: The Hungary-Austria Migration Nexus” – thematic expert (FWF-NKFIH Joint Project, Ref. No. I 5616

Recent publications

  • Sümeghy, D., & Schmeller, D. (2023). Giving the green light to sustainability: Key political factors behind the European Green Capital Award applications. Journal of Urban Affairs, 1-21. https://doi.org/10.1080/07352166.2023.2247504
  • Szabó, B. A., & Sümeghy, D. Travel patterns and motivations of the Hungarian LGBTQ community. Accepted for publication. Journal of Homosexuality, doi.org/10.1080/00918369.2023.2275296
  • Reményi, P., Gekić, H., Bidžan-Gekić, A., & Sümeghy, D. (2023). Contextual factors influencing voting for ethnic parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Quality and Quantity. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11135-023-01622-x
  • Sümeghy, D. (2022). Halo effect of diversification and polarization,and the role of relative deprivation based on the 2018 Swedish parliamentary elections results. Regional Statistics, 12(01), 135-158. DOI: 10.15196/RS120106
  • Sümeghy, D., & Németh, Á. (2022). A kulturális sokszínűség hatása a bizalomra Västra Götaland svédországi megyében, 2014 és 2018 között [Impact of cultural diversity on trust in Västra Götaland County, Sweden, 2014-2018]. Területi Statisztika, 62(1), 81-112. https://doi.org/10.15196/TS620104
  • Reményi, P., Gekić, H., Bidžan-Gekić, A., & Sümeghy, D. (2021). Electoral Geography of Bosnia and Herzegovina–is there anything beyond the ethnic rule? East European Politics, 1-27. https://doi.org/10.1080/21599165.2021.2006639
  • Sümeghy, D. (2021). The impact of the local conservative climateon generalised trust in Sweden. Modern Geográfia, 16(2), 113–133. http://doi.org/10.15170/MG.2021.16.02.06
  • Németh, Á., Sümeghy, D., Trócsányi, A., & Pirisi, G. (2020). Competing diversity indices and attitudes toward culturalpluralism in Europe. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print. https://doi.org/10.1108/EDI-02-2019-0087