Stefanie Döringer

Scientific Staff (Pre-doc)

T +43 1 51581 - 3542

Short Biography

Stefanie Döringer studied sociology, spatial research and spatial planning at the University of Vienna, Austria and the University of Oslo, Norway.

During her studies, she was employed at the Institute for Urban and Regional Research (ÖAW) and at the Institute for Geography and Spatial Research at the University of Vienna. After her studies she gained practical experience in spatial planning in working in a variety of spatial planning offices.

Since 2016 she is a pre-doc in the research group Innovation and Urban Economy at the Institute of Urban and Regional Research. Her research is particularly focused on governance, peripheralization and spatial planning.  


  • Governance and key individuals
  • Peripheralization and shrinking areas
  • Social innovation
  • Urbanity



Recent Publications

Görgl, P; Döringer, S.; Herburger, J. (2020): Miteinander statt nebeneinander! Strategien für die Weiterentwicklung interkommunaler Kooperationsstrukturen in der Wiener Stadtregion+ in: Raumforschung und Raumordnung, 78 (4).

Döringer, S. (2020): ‘The problem-centred expert interview’. Combining qualitative interviewing approaches for investigating implicit expert knowledge in: International Journal of Social Research Methodology (online first)

Döringer, S. (2020): The role of entrepreneurial individuals for local change processes. Conceptualizing governance entrepreneurs in: Geography Compass, 14 (5), e12486.

Döringer, S.; Eder, J. (eds.) (2020): Schlüsselakteure der Regionalentwicklung. Welche Perspektiven bietet Entrepreneurship für ländliche Entwicklung? ISR Research Reports 51. Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna.

Döringer, S., Uchiyama, Y., Penker, M., & Kohsaka, R. (2019): A meta-analysis of shrinking cities in Europe and Japan. Towards an integrative research agenda in: European Planning Studies 28 (9).