HOUSE-IN: Achieving Integration through Inclusive Strategies in Urban Spaces

Objectives and research questions

HOUSE-IN is an international, interdisciplinary research project in which project partners from research and practice are collaborating to develop a housing-integration nexus. Its research approach involves understanding integration not only as the process of the social inclusion of people that have recently arrived in a country or that have a biography of migration, but rather as the inclusion of everyone living in a given urban context. Living constitutes one of the prerequisites and foundations of structural and social integration into society. It is the result of complex everyday strategies involving learning, navigating, and governing in a city. Living is furthermore shaped by individual choices, economic prospects, and administrative decisions. We consequently refer to a housing-integration nexus (HIN), which is being developed in collaborative and co-creative processes in Urban Living Labs in Leipzig, Vienna, Riga, and Helsingborg/Lund.

ISR Project team 

Mag. Dr. Ursula Reeger
Mag. Dr. Yvonne Franz

Research period

01.06.2021 to 30.11.2022


This project has received funding from the FFG as part of JPI Urban Migration.