Knowledge about the Orient is insufficient in Europe and limited by one-sidedness: insufficient because the general image of the Orient is broadly determined by a limited set of Western colonial powers, and one-sided because historical interrelations have been ignored and reduced to images of the so-called Other, which were shaped by power-political interests.

This project investigates the knowledge of the Orient in a novel way. By changing the perspective from the impoverished view of the Orient, which was limited by imperialist approaches, to global interactions and interrelations, it substantially broadens the scope of investigation. Now it includes both warlike conflicts and sieges as well as the peaceful exchange of people, ideas and goods. This change of perspective brings to light a hitherto largely hidden relational history, the reconstruction of which is the central goal of this project.

Project leader:
Johann Heiss (ISA), Johannes Feichtinger (IKT)

Cooperation between IKT and ISA, Coordination of a research network in connection with the research group "History of the Austrian Academy of Sciences 1847-2022"


Austrian Academy of Sciences, City of Vienna (MA 7)