Methodological and Epistemological Foundations of Socio-Cultural Anthropology

This long term project was established in 2009 and investigates the methodological and epistemological foundations of current socio-cultural anthropology within its transnational contexts of globalization. A relevant contribution in this regard was offered to the “Presidential Panel” at the American Anthropological Association’s 2009 meeting in Philadelphia. It deals with epistemological elements in Eric Wolf’s work, and can be downloaded as a video from:

The journal “Social Analysis” (2009, vol. 53/2: 177-190) published the results of a Wenner Gren Symposium with special consideration of the notion of “evidence” in social anthropology. The “American Anthropologist” (4/2010) came out with a text that discussed this field’s transnational perspectives. The chapter on “Methodology” was contributed to the new “Handbook for Social and Cultural Anthropology” which James Carrier and Deborah Gewertz are editing with Berg publishers (in press). Finally, an invitation that had emerged out of the “Darwin memorial year” was accepted for adding to the interdisciplinary handbook “Evolution” (in German, eds. Philipp Sarasin/Angelika Sommer; Stuttgart: J.P. Metzer 2010) a corresponding chapter on socio-cultural anthropology’s work in this field.