Thu, 28.11.2019. 16:00

ISA Regional Guest Lecture: Gabriele Dopler & Marcus Bachman

Yemen: Indiscriminate Attacks on Civilians - The New Normality?

Einladung [PDF]

After almost five years of war, the humanitarian crisis in Yemen has become one of the worst in the world. Estimated 80 per cent of the population – 24 million people – require some form of humanitarian or protection assistance, including 14.3 million who are in acute need. Yemenis struggle to access and afford essential services such as healthcare and basic commodities such as fuel, food, water and medicines. The health system in Yemen has collapsed: the lack of operational hospitals and medical staff, due to the absence of salaries, equipment, medicines and medical supplies, is putting thousands of people at further risk of death and illness. Since March 2015, civilians, medical staff and health facilities have been attacked by all warring parties in Yemen. MSF hospitals have been hit by Saudi and Emirati-led Coalition (SELC) airstrikes five times, and once from an unknown source. The healthcare system as a whole has come under attack, resulting in resurgence of disease outbreaks such as cholera, diphtheria and measles. Gabriele Dopler will focus on medical and humanitarian action in the concrete Yemeni context, its challenges and limitations. Marcus Bachmann will focus on humanitarian access and space as well as the erosion of international humanitarian law when hospital attacks remain unsanctioned. Instrumentalization of humanitarian aid and escalating administrative impediments to work in Yemen further contribute to the shrinking humanitarian space. Are there signs that this will be the normality in future conflict settings?

Gabriele DOPLER is a Project Human Resources & Finance Manager and Human Resources Coordinator of MSF. Since 2015, she has worked in different contexts and countries as international staff member, notably from March 2016 till September 2016 in Yemen. Before joining MSF, Gabriele DOPLER was working several years in the public and private sector in Austria, developing her competencies in Human Resources, as well as Health Management and Health Promotion.

Since September 2017 Marcus BACHMANN is responsible for Advocacy & Humanitarian Affairs of MSF in Austria. His focus is communication of humanitarian principles and emergency humanitarian action of MSF in more than 70 countries worldwide. Since 2005 he oversaw multiple missions in a wide range of geographic and thematic contexts, such as natural disasters, epidemics, nutritional crises and conflict, most recently in conflict contexts of South Sudan, Central African Republic and Ebola Emergencies in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Sierra Leone.




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