Terminological Interference – The Case of Gottschalk of Orbais

The aim of this project is to apply a multidisciplinary analysis leading to new readings and interpretation of theological discourse of Gottschalk of Orbais, its precursors and development. This will be effectuated through philological approach to Gottschalk’s texts and their analysis.

In the first half of the 9th century, theology was established as a substantial exercise ground of social discourse and thus a significant marker of social change. The need for re-actualization and re-contextualization of Gottschalk’s texts has thus emerged, with the imperative to reposition in the centre of the mediavistic stage the insufficiently explored issues relevant to the literary construct and employment of the concepts of hierarchia, potestas, and orderly structure, seen from the viewpoint of an unofficially recognized theologian of Carolingian era.

The first segment of the research (Gottschalk’s theological language and discourse in diachronic literary analysis) will focus upon the linguistic and semantic analysis of Gottschalk’s theological discourse, while the second (Gottschalk’s language and discourse in socio-political setting and historical aspect, submitted to synchronic literary analysis) will deal with socio-political aspect of Gottschalk’s theology, through the interpretation and use of Gottschalk’s language, seen as the link between theological and ideological thought, within particular contexts and set of circumstances it originated in. The obtained results from consequently conducted twofold analysis would unveil, on the example of Gottschalk, the elements of Carolingian politico-ideological discourse as contained/originated in theological language, its sources and premises, as well as the employment of theological language in extra-theological aims – with the objective of portraying the development of specific literary elements as well as the interpretations of theological doctrine in politico-ideological sense and purposes.

Project leader:
Richard Corradini

Bojana Radovanovic

Project Number: P 26433-G19

Duration: 2014 - 2017