The project “Digitising Patterns of Power (DPP): Peripherical Mountains in the Medieval World” is hosted at the Institute for Medieval Research (IMAFO) of the ÖAW and unites as a Cluster Project various experts from the fields of Medieval History, Byzantine Studies, Historical Geography, Archaeology, Geography, Cartography, Geographical Information Science (GISc) and Software Engineering.

DPP focuses on the depiction and analysis of space and place in medieval written sources, the interaction between built and natural environment, the appropriation of space and the emergence of new political, religious and economic structures of power. Moreover, DPP is a cutting edge project within Digital Humanities and uses as well as develops digital tools for data-acquisition, data-management, processing as well as for analysis, visualisation, communication and publication. By following such an approach, it envisages at gaining new insights and innovative research-results which could not be achieved based solely on traditional methods. 

DPP compares five regions of the Medieval World: the Carolingian Eastern Alps (8th–9th Centuries), the March / Morava–Thaya / Dyje Borderregion (7th–11th Centuries), The Herzheimer Family Chronicle (613–1506), the historical region of Macedonia (12th–14th Centuries) and historical Southern Armenia (5th–11th Centuries).

In order to achieve the aims of the project the Team Institute for Medieval Research (Austrian Academy of Sciences) is cooperating with an external project partner, namely the Team Department of Geography and Regional Research (University of Vienna) (cf. on both teams of the project).

Project Investigator

Doz. Mag. Dr. Mihailo Popović, Institute for Medieval Research / Division of Byzantine Research, ÖAW

Project Team

Dr. Katharina Winckler,  Institute for Medieval Research

Dr. Stefan Eichert, Institute for Medieval Research

BSc. Bernhard Koschicek, Institute for Medieval Research


within the programme “Digital Humanities: Langzeitprojekte zum kulturellen Erbe”of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) as Cluster Project of the Institute for Medieval Research (IMAFO)


1.1.2015 – 31.12.2018

Partner Institutions

Host Institution:

Institute for Medieval Research, ÖAW, Hollandstraße 11–13, 1020 Vienna, Austria, Europe

Second beneficiary:

Universität Wien, Universitätsring 1, 1010 Wien