Dr. phil.

Tamara Ehs



Tamara Ehs studied political science, communications and law at the University of Vienna (Dr.phil.) with study visits to Sciences Po Lille, University of Oxford, London School of Economics and European Academy of Legal Theory Brussels. Most recently, she worked as a project manager at the Department of Political Science at the University of Vienna. Before that Tamara was a guest lecturer at the Hebrew University Jerusalem, Comenius University Bratislava, Free University Berlin as well as at the Universities of Salzburg, Graz and Vienna; moreover, she was a guest researcher at Harvard Law School and the New York Public Library. Her research assignments, among others, icluded the Department of Legal and Social History at the University of Salzburg, the Centre for Research on Modern and Contemporary History at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the Department of Legal and Constitutional History at the University of Vienna. Since 2015, Tamara works as a consultant for democracy innovations (in particular for cities and municipalities in Austria and Central Europe) and engaged in political education (Democracy Repair Café, workshops for first-time voters). She is a member of the COST Action "Constitution-making and Deliberative Democracy", the Scientific Advisory Board for the Legal Discussions of the European Forum Alpbach as well as the ÖFG Working Group "The Future of Austrian Democracy". She was awarded the Science Prize of the Lupac Foundation of the Austrian Parliament, the Ludo Hartmann Prize of the Association of Austrian Adult Education Centres and the EuBC Research Award for innovative research on the European Union.

Research focus

Democracy reform & innovation, participation / constitutional politics & jurisdiction / Austrian history of state and democracy / legal and
historical foundations of European integration.

Publications (selection)

Demokratie aus Perspektive der Bürger/innen, in: Reinhard Heinisch (ed.) Kritisches Handbuch des österreichischen politischen Systems, Wien: Böhlau 2020 (forthcoming)
Participation in Juristocracy: strategic litigation before the ECJ, in: Markus Pausch (ed.) Ideas for the Future of Europe, Baden-Baden: Nomos 2020 (forthcoming)
Demokratie als soziale Klassenfrage? in: Günther Sandner / Boris Ginner (eds.) Warum Demokratie Bildung braucht, Wien: Mandelbaum 2019,  50-59
Aleatorische Demokratie. Plötzlich Politiker, in Katapult 15(4)/2019,  50-56
Die demokratische Gleichheit des Loses: Aus der Nische des Rechtswesens zurück in die Polis, in Momentum Quarterly. Zeitschrift für Sozialen Fortschritt 8(1)/2019, 14-26
Demokratie der Ungleichen, in: Stimme. Zeitschrift der Initiative Minderheiten, 3/2018, pp. 8-10
Wien wählt (nicht), in: Perspektiven. Policy brief 6/2018 des Jahoda-Bauer-Instituts

Project At IKT

If no vote, at least voice. Digitalisierung als Chance für Nicht-Wähler_innen