The IKT Institute of Culture Studies and Theatre History is a research institution of the Austrian Academy of Sciences in the field of humanities, social and cultural sciences. We conduct theory-based transdisciplinary basic research on topics of social relevance.

The IKT's research aims to analyse complex cultural processes to gain an evidence-based understanding of regulative social action in the past and present.

We explore, how collective memory emerge at local, national and global levels and how knowledge is produced, circulated and mobilized to establish and maintain disciplinary discourses, practices and state norms. Research into antisemitism, which primarily deals with the current manifestations of the phenomenon, is being promoted in particular.

Cultural studies research at the IKT is carried out by historians, cultural scholars and political scientists within three research groups:

The IKT’s work takes place within three research groups:

Our research is oriented to current theories, concepts and methods in history, social sciences and cultural studies. Outcomes include:

  • Publications that open up new perspectives in the study of historical and contemporary processes in Central Europe, Europe and the world
  • Science communication (including events, exhibitions, and media coverage)
  • Evidence-based policy advice

The IKT is networked with high-ranking research institutions at home and abroad. Our international Advisory Board continuously monitors and accompanies our research.

The IKT offers talented young researchers (Masters and PhD students) the opportunity to work on projects on an internship or freelance contract basis. We also host international visiting researchers in relevant disciplines.

The Institute's activities include: