Conflictive Discourses on Covid-19

One of the consequences of the pandemic is a growing split in society between those accepting the Covid measures and those rejecting them. Both camps are split in themselves and differing positions towards this issue do not only lead to highly conflictive discourses but, more problematically, to absolute refusal of communication. This poses a serious problem for democracy and solidarity.

The project is carried out within the Working Group "Minority groups and constitutional deliberative democracy" of the Cost Action "Constitution-making and deliberative democracy" by Monika Mokre.

First project results were presented at the International Conference “Constitution-Making & Democracy in Troubled Times”, Thessaloniki, December, 16th-17th. The publication of a revised version of the conference paper in a peer reviewed journal is planned.

Head of Project: Monika Mokre
Funding: ÖAW
Duration: 01.11.2021-31.12.2022