Translating Geographies

The project Translating Geographies investigates exemplary translations of the geographical imagination. The main question is: How are geographical spaces translated? How are representations of navigations, discourses involving the cardinal points and figurations of the global de- and recontextualised, transformed and translated? As with sea voyage narratives, every description of a cardinal point and every figuration of globality is a cultural artefact situated within a permanent process of translation between differing world constructions. The primary aim of this project is thus to analyse how these translations of Western spatial imaginations function and to what extent known geophysical and geopolitical entities are constructs determined by cultural and socio-political interests.

Lead Researcher:  Federico Italiano

Funding: ÖAW / limited Third-Party-Funding (Hebrew University of Jerusalem / Universität Innsbruck / City of Vienna MA 7)

Foto: (c) Wikimedia Commons