European Neo-Avant-Garde

The European Research Community European Neo-Avant-Gardes (ENAG) is a network between research institutions in Leuven, Ghent, Brussels, Liège, Paris 8 and Vienna. Its research focus are the literary avant-gardes emerging after WWII and their undermining of genre distinctions and distinctions between literature and non-literature (other media, arts, etc.). By combining the expertise of its partners, ENAG wants to study the transnational dynamics of the European neo-avant-garde. It aims to 1) chart the innovative neo-avant-garde movements for a number of European countries, 2) reveal the manifold synchronic interactions between these movements across, 3) reveal the diachronic links between the innovations of the postwar neo-avant-garde and the historical avant-garde of the first half of the twentieth century, and 4) develop a methodology and a toolbox that match the experimental strategies of the texts under scrutiny.

Publications: Sabine Müller